Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach Kenya

Tiwi Beach is located southwards from Mombasa. This is a rather secluded place compared to the other resort beaches. The beach has white sand, and the beach line stretches for several kilometers. The bottom is sandy. Ebbs considerably affect the swimming possibilities for tourists, but small pools still remain on the beach, and you can bathe there while on Kenya Safaris. Flows bring algae and sea urchins, so it is not recommended to swim there without special shoes. You can hide in the shadow of the palm trees, which grow along the beach. There is no infrastructure on these beaches but you can rent a sling chair
and an umbrella. The shore has a small cafe with fresh sea food dishes.

Tiwi Beach is a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. However, the coral reef with its unique inhabitants is located 50 meters away from the beach. Tiwi Beach is the lesser known sister to Diani Beach. it is mellow yellow, at Tiwi the reef comes close to the
shore. a rock pooling playground a low tide, revealing unusually shaped pools large enough to snorkel in and filled with tropical fish. Sand bars stretch out to the reef filled with rainbow coloured star fish and naked sea urchins to be picked up. Tiwi, Kenya is a
seaside dream, a tropical Indian ocean beach nearly untouched by tourism.